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Celebrating Woman Director Awareness Month 2017

WDAM 2017 is in the books -- and I posted content every day of September! While I was glad to finish my self-imposed challenge, it was more important to me to help raise awareness of women directors. I even had a few 'senpai noticed me' moments.

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However, I will admit that researching for WDAM was depressing. Across the board, women in the film industry are vastly underrepresented and utilized, but especially so when it comes to women directors. According to SLATED, the figures just don't support the central myths that women directors are a "risky" choice for studios and are not qualified to direct big budget, large studio productions.

Women directors can successfully direct blockbusters and indie darlings, but can also fail just as their male counterparts can. Film is art, and like all art, incredibly subjective. It's important to provide opportunities to both men and women and to make sure that female filmmakers are not discouraged before they even have the chance to try. And throughout the month, after researching stories, experiences, and words of advice and wisdom from female filmmakers encourages me even more that change is coming to the industry. Slowly but surely, it's coming.

Many thanks to Directed by Women for hosting their third annual Worldwide Film Viewing Party, for establishing Woman Director Awareness Month, and supporting women in film! Hopefully, next year will shine an even brighter light on women directors and their work.


#WDAM 2017: A Look Back


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