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Unlock Your Creativity: Weekly Writing Prompts from May & June

Try these weekly writing exercises to help keep you inspired and productive!

Welcome to the Wednesday Writing Prompt Project! I'm excited to bring you the first set of writing prompts for 2024, designed to inspire creativity and help you overcome writer's block. These prompts are perfect for flexing your creative muscles and developing exciting new works in progress (WIPs), whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out.

Don't forget to check my Instagram page every Wednesday for a new creative writing prompt. Each prompt is a quick 30-minute exercise designed to get your creative ideas flowing and help you overcome any roadblocks. Are you ready to dive in? Let's get started!

Writing Prompt Guidelines

⏱️ TIME COMMITMENT: ≤30 minutes 

• First, set a timer for 10-15 minutes and jot down ideas or brainstorm.

• Then, write based on the prompt for another 15-20 minutes. You can continue writing or editing your work, but only after the second 15-20-minute timer goes off.

• Remember, the goal of this activity isn't perfection! Writing prompts can help you get unstuck if you're in a rut or the ideas aren't flowing. But even if you're not experiencing writer's block, writing prompts can give you a fresh perspective or a new approach to your work.


Old European-style library with marble busts.

The Last Library

Genre: Fantasy

In a world where most knowledge is stored and accessed digitally, legend says there's still a single library home to an extensive collection of ancient books and scrolls, many of which are believed to be the last remaining copies of their kind. It is said that this library has been guarded for centuries by a secret society of scholars who have dedicated their lives to preserving the knowledge contained within its walls. What happens when someone finally discovers the library's existence and its secrets are revealed to the world?

A person typing on a dark black and blue mechanical keyboard.

The Memory Thief

Genre: Sci-Fi

In a world where memories can be bought, sold, and stolen, a skilled memory thief sets their sights on their most audacious heist yet: infiltrating the mind of a powerful and influential politician to extract their most closely guarded memories. However, as they navigate the intricate corridors of the politician's mind, the thief unexpectedly stumbles upon deeply buried secrets that could change everything.

Compass and vintage map

The Forgotten Island

Genre: Adventure

For centuries, there have been rumors of an elusive island that has managed to escape the attention of cartographers and historians. This mysterious land is said to be shrouded in secrets, its existence known to only a few. As a researcher delves into the quest to unveil this forgotten island, they may encounter various challenges, from navigating treacherous waters to overcoming the barriers of time and history. What secrets does it hold, and what challenges may they face by uncovering this seemingly forgotten island?

Close-up of calligraphy and parchment

The Love Letters

Genre: Romance

A secluded area of a local park is the perfect spot to exchange anonymous letters. The letters were carefully hidden, tucked away in a special hiding spot known only to two secret admirers. As the two grow closer, they embark on a thrilling journey to uncover each other's identities. They leave clues and hints in their letters as they eagerly anticipate the day they will finally come face to face with the one who had captured their hearts. But what could be in store for the lovebirds once they finally meet?

Close-up of a faceless magician's top hat and magic wand

The Magician's Last Illusion

Genre: Mystery

During a sold-out performance at the renowned Zenith Theatre, famed magician Victor Mirage performs his signature illusion, "The Vanishing Man." The trick involves Victor disappearing from a locked, transparent box suspended high above the stage. However, this time, something goes terribly wrong. Victor vanishes as planned, but he never reappears. Was Victor's disappearance an elaborate trick, a crime orchestrated by a rival, or something far more sinister?

Creepy attic with antique dollhouse, tricycle, dress form, and broken mirror

Whispers of the Haunted Doll

Genre: Horror

While browsing a neighborhood garage sale, Alex, a collector of antiques and vintage items, stumbles upon a beautifully crafted antique doll with glass eyes, porcelain skin, and an eerie smile. Despite the seller's cryptic warning to "be careful with it," Alex decides to purchase the doll, intrigued by its craftsmanship. When Alex brings the doll home, strange and unsettling events occur. At first, it's small things:

  • Objects go missing.

  • Cold spots appear in the house.

  • Alex hears faint whispers in the night.

But soon, the incidents escalate. Doors slam shut on their own, disturbing apparitions appear, and Alex experiences terrifying nightmares featuring the doll. Are these happenings simply the result of a cursed doll, or could a more evil force be at play?

Person standing on riverbank shore looking at fantastical forest

The Enchanted Forest

Genre: Fantasy

Adventurous botanist and nature enthusiast Lila Green has dedicated her life to studying rare plants and ecosystems. During an expedition to a remote region, she stumbles upon the entrance to the mysterious and hidden forest known only in ancient legends as the Enchanted Forest. This forest is said to be a place where every plant, animal, and tree possesses unique magical abilities, but few believe it truly exists. What challenges might Lila face, and what secrets will she uncover in the forest?

European-style country manor front gate

The Reunion at Maplewood Manor

Genre: Drama

Once close-knit but now estranged, the Johnson family gathers for a reunion at the old family estate, a sprawling countryside manor filled with memories of happier times. Each family member arrives carrying the weight of years of physical and emotional distance and unresolved tensions that have cast a shadow over their relationships. The Johnson family patriarch, Henry Johnson, organized the gathering to mend broken relationships and reunite the family. However, amidst the beautiful estate backdrop, long-buried secrets come to light, reopening old wounds and challenging each family member to confront their past and find a resolution.


Remember, to make progress, it's important to be consistent, not perfect. Writing prompts are a great way to keep moving forward, get inspired, and overcome writer's block. You can join me on this journey by checking out the weekly prompts on my Instagram. I'll also share my results from time to time and would love to see your work! Tag me in your posts so we can support each other and improve as writers.

Let's turn Hump Day into the highlight of your creative week. Happy writing!

Which prompt are you most excited to try? Do you have any creative prompts to share? Let me know in the comments below!


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