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Fiction Anchor

March 03, 2017

City Moon

Flash Fiction

I was not sorry. 

I told anyone who would listen that I wasn't staying and there was nothing anyone could say to convince me otherwise. They would roll their eyes and shake their heads at my big talk, but I knew I would do it. So when I turned eighteen, I left and never looked back. It was, single-handedly, the most selfish thing that I have ever done. 

December 23, 2016

A Man Gets Into a Cab at the Airport

Flash Fiction

A man gets into a cab at the airport. 

The man -- Adam McArthur -- had a baby face, but the bluish shadows under his eyes and the heavy creases of his brows made him appear much older. He wore a smart camel overcoat, navy suit, dark skinny tie, and black boots. The cab driver's -- Donnie Howard -- eye caught the gleam of an enormous gold watch as Adam slid into the backseat and placed his duffle bag onto the floor. 'Rich guy, huh?' Donnie thought as he absentmindedly traced the face of his own beat-up old Timex.

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Nonfiction Anchor

August 16, 2017

Stefanie Davis: Rising to the Challenge

#DirectedbyWomen Conversation Series

#DirectedbyWomen team member Allison Michelle Morris recently had the opportunity to speak with Stefanie Davis, award-winning filmmaker and owner of the production company Bouncy Boxer Media. While Davis and her production team are well known for their comedic chops, they challenged themselves to compete in the 30 Day Action Film Challenge where they had to write, produce, and edit their short action film, I Now Pronounce You, from July 1-July 30.


In this two-part feature, Stefanie and Allison talk about indie filmmaking, taking on film challenges, and the importance of representation of women within the action genre.

February 02, 2017


Creative Nonfiction

It was 10:24 PM by the time I made it to the Dome. It was a less than 15-minute walk from my hotel. The streets were still lively and loud, the neon signs advertising karaoke joints and okonomiyaki restaurants were welcoming and friendly. Oneesan, spend your money here! But the closer I walked to the Dome, the flashing lights twinkled and faded, and the hustle and bustle of car horns, tram engines, and general revelers subdued to murmurs. By the time it was 10:24 PM there was nothing but silence, like slipping underneath the ocean one wave at a time.

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