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Mrs. Wellington's Princess Academy


Mrs. Wellington's Princess Academy is an original, thirty-minute animated television show concept for children ages eight to twelve years old. 


Mrs. Wellington's Princess Academy follows the adventures of Princess Gemmalyn, a fifteen-year-old tomboy who is sent to the Princess Academy to learn how to be a "proper princess," but discovers there is more to leadership than knowing when to curtsey, how to dance, and how to hold those little salad forks.


To read the first act of the pilot episode, please click the link provided.

The Queen's Dogs


The Queen's Dogs is an original concept for an action-adventure screenplay set in a steampunk-inspired Victorian England. 


A group of elite government operatives, led by their inexperienced new leader, must work together to thwart an attempt on Queen Victoria's life and the upheaval of the entire British Empire.


To read the first scene from the screenplay, please click the link provided.


Video Game

Tipster is an original concept for a third person, investigative mystery adventure game that places heavy emphasis on problem solving and puzzles to complete the game.


Student journalist Paige Smith is busy writing an article for the college paper when she receives an unusual call. On the hunt for more information for her article, Paige takes a leap of faith to meet with the tipster and unknowingly inserts herself into a world of danger, conspiracy, and possibly murder.


To read a branching dialogue scene from the game, please click the link provided.

A Poor Appraisal


No Good Deeds is web series comedy created by Julie Ann Wight and produced by Full Sail University Student Productions. 


In the webisode "A Poor Appraisal," Roy tries to do something nice for his cantankerous boss, Mr. Stodgeman. But unfortunately, nothing ever seems to go right for Roy, despite his good intentions.


To read the "A Poor Appraisal" webisode script, please click the link provided.

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